1. Students are required to earn a C or better in all Professional Development courses2
  2. Students may appeal to have Professional Development courses2 waived.
  3. Students are required to have a KU+Transfer GPA of 2.50 before enrolling in C&T 360. If a student receives special permission from a UKanTeach advisor to enroll in C&T 360 without the required GPA, he/she will have the semester in which C&T 360 is taken and the following fall or spring semester to raise his/her KU+Transfer GPA to at least a 2.50. If the student’s KU+Transfer GPA is not at least a 2.50 at the end of this time, the student will not be allowed to continue taking any UKanTeach field courses1.
  4. Students will not be permitted to take field courses1 concurrently unless an appeal is granted.
  5. KU+Transfer GPA and content area for licensure GPA of 2.50 is required before enrolling in C&T 500 and C&T 598. Students will also be required to have met all GPA minimums as required by their college or school for graduation. Courses for each licensure area that will be used to calculate content area for licensure GPA are listed on the following page. If a student’s department has used a different course(s) to count for one of the courses listed below, the calculation will be adjusted using the substituted course(s) [See Policy 7].
  6. All Professional Development courses2 are required before enrolling in C&T 500 and C&T 598. Courses exempt from this rule: MATH 197, MATH 409&410, C&T 359, C&T 448 and HIST 510.
  7. The Policy & Appeals Committee will honor any licensure subject course substitutions that are granted by the student’s academic department as long as all Kansas State Department of Education standards are still met across the student’s program of study.
  8. Any student participating in a UKanTeach Internship while student teaching must adhere to the following policies:
    • Student Teaching and coursework responsibilities take precedence over all UKanTeach Internship commitments.
    • Students have to have their schedule (student teaching, courses and work) approved by the Student Teacher Coordinator and a UKanTeach Advisor before starting work.
    • Students are not allowed to have a UKanTeach Internship at the same school where they are student teaching, and are limited to working 10 hours or less a week.

All policies will go into effect starting fall 2010. Students can expect any appeal to take 2-4 weeks to process.

1 Field courses are LA&S 290, LA&S 291, C&T 366, C&T 460, and C&T 500.

2 Professional Development courses are LA&S 290, LA&S 291, C&T 360, C&T 366, C&T 448, C&T 359 MATH 409&410, HIST 510, MATH 197, C&T 460, C&T 500 and C&T 598.

Courses used to calculate content GPA for each area of licensure
Mathematics Biology Chemistry Earth & Space Science Physics

MATH 121
Calculus I

MATH 122
Calculus II

MATH 223
Vector Calculus

MATH 290
Elem. Lin. Alg.

MATH 409
Topics in Geometry

MATH 410
Topics in Hist. of Math

MATH 526 OR 628

MATH 590 OR 790
Linear Algebra

MATH 500 OR 765
Intermediate Analysis

MATH 320/530/558/559
Elem. Dif. Eq./ Math Models I/ Intro. Mod. Alg./ Mod. Geom.

MATH 197
Functions & Modeling

BIOL 150
Prin. of Molec. and Cell. Bio.

BIOL 152
Prin. of Org. Bio.

BIOL 350
Principles of Genetics

BIOL 412
Evolutionary Biology

BIOL 414
Principles of Ecology

BIOL 416
Cell Structure and Function

BIOL 400/408/600
Fndts. of Microbio./ Physiology of Organisms/ Introductory Biochemistry

CHEM 184
Foundations of Chemistry I

CHEM 188
Foundations of Chemistry II

CHEM 516 & 517
Analytical Chemistry & Lab

CHEM 622 OR 624
Organic Chemistry

CHEM 625
Organic Chemistry Lab

CHEM 640 OR 646
Physical Chemistry

CHEM 641 OR 647
Physical Chemistry Lab

GEOL 101 & 103
Intro. Geology & Lab

GEOL 311 & 312
Mineralogy and Structure of the Earth & Lab

GEOL 331
Sedi. and Surface Processes

GEOL 360
Field Investigation

GEOL 521

GEOL 560
Intro. Field Geology

GEOL 562
Structural Geology

ASTR 191 & 196
Cont. Astr. & Lab

ATMO 105
Intro. Meteorology

PHSX 211
General Physics I

PHSX 212
General Physics II

PHSX 313 & 316
General Physics III & Lab

PHSX 511
Intro. Quantum Mechanics

PHSX 521
Mechanics I

PHSX 531
Electricity and Magnetism

PHSX 536 OR 516
Elec. Cir. Meas. & Design or Physical Measurements


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